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website design mistakes

Website design has a 75 percent influence on a website’s credibility. If you want to find customers online for your car dealership, your website needs to be done correctly.

Read our guide to learn about five common website design mistakes to avoid for car dealers.

1. Doesn’t Tell Users What You Sell

One of the most important website design mistakes you need to avoid is not telling users right away what your company does. A website design service will tell you right away that a dealership website that doesn’t say they are a dealership will cause a loss of customers.

As soon as the page loads, users form an opinion quickly. This is why it is important to tell them right away what services you provide.

Even if the website design is beautiful, users are going to hit the back button if they can’t figure out your site. Every tab could be correct, but it means nothing if the site does not clearly say what your company does.

2. The Site Is Not Mobile Friendly

Even car dealership websites need to be mobile-friendly nowadays. In the age of technology, people want information they can look up quickly on their smartphones. If a site is hard to maneuver on a phone, best believe users will find something else.

Picture this: your user tries to click on your types of cars tab and it takes forever to load on their phone. How long do you think they will wait before their patience runs out? It’s a lot less time than you’d think, seconds in fact.

In general, not having a mobile-friendly site is the most common website mistakes you want to avoid.

3. More Links Than Necessary

If your site has a lot of links that open new windows, you may be giving off a bad user experience. This is the easiest way to have customers leave your site. If these links open new browser windows, there is no back button to escape with.

The addition of these links makes navigation more difficult. This is especially true for customers using their mobile devices.

Having multiple tabs open also uses more bandwidth. This leads to a slow down on the device a customer is using.

4. Hidden Links

You may have to spend more time talking to customers because they could not easily find something listed on your site. Don’t hide links that will cause your customers to leave your site or not have the experience you want them to have.

5. You Don’t Have an SEO Strategy

A proper strategy for SEO is necessary when considering website design. SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, can lead to more traffic on your site.

As a car dealer, you want every customer you can get who needs a new vehicle. The only way to ensure the right audience is coming to your website is by having a great SEO strategy.

Avoiding Website Design Mistakes Explained

Avoiding website design mistakes can lead to a better business overall. Ensuring customers come to your site and stay on it is important. Following this guide will lead you down the right path.

Start getting more leads than your competition by contacting us to help with a plan for your dealership.