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automotive web design

Have you been searching for tips to create your independent car dealer website? Most website design tips focus on making sales online, but the best car dealership websites bring customers who are ready to buy to your lot.

A well-designed website can dramatically impact your dealership’s sales. Since 62% of car shoppers start the buying process online, having an informative website can bring more buyers to your dealership.

A great auto website has information about your inventory and urges customers to visit your location. Automotive web design uses local marketing and in-depth product information to bring new customers to your independent car dealership. 

Designing a great user experience may seem tricky. However, following these best practices can help your website thrive. Check out these guidelines and tips to start designing your dealership website today. 

Automotive Dealership Website Basic Principles

Creating a dealership website helps you attract a new local customer base online. It’s important to provide great customer service online to bring in customers who have done their research. The basic principle behind creating a website is to show your customer that they can find the car of their dreams in one trip to your lot.

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t yet have a website, you must first buy a domain name and web hosting. Your domain name is the URL for your website, so getting your dealership’s brand name in your domain can help customers find you online.

Deciding which web platform to use can impact how you choose a hosting package. We recommend using WordPress since it offers the most functionality and customization options. If you are building a website yourself, Squarespace or Wix can help you make a website with easy to use design tools.

Car Dealer Websites Perform Best with Listings

Listing cars available on your lot is an important part of an independent car dealer website. Featuring some of your inventory compels your customer to come to your location. Using WordPress is a great way to add inventory management to your site.

Featuring your inventory and offering easy searching helps customers find the right car for them. It’s crucial to understand your customers’ needs to know what factors they want to search by. Knowing these details helps you create a powerful search function that leads your customer to narrow down what they want. 

For example, some shoppers may be looking for a low mileage used cars. Others are interested in finding specific features, like a sunroof or heated seats. Identifying the factors your audience cares about will make it easy to find a car on your website.

Guidelines to Design a Website That Converts

Since most people do not buy a car sight unseen, you usually want your customer to visit your brick-and-mortar location. Focusing on localization and powerful calls to action brings customers who are ready to buy to your door. 

Website content that tells your customer and search engines where you are located brings you more buyers. How important localization is to your business depends on your niche. While customers may be willing to travel to buy a rare car, most shoppers want to buy a car at a dealership close to home. 

Focusing on local SEO can help you target the right market and attract customers shopping nearby. Showing your location on your website helps customers know that they’ve come to the right place.

Leading Your Customers through an Experience

You probably have an experienced sales team that helps you sell cars on your lot. The best sales professionals give buyers a helpful and informative experience. With a website, your shopper’s buying experience starts online.

Having calls to action on your website can lead more customers to visit your location. One good call to action can be a button that says “Schedule an Appointment Today” on a listing page. Another may be a button that says “Search For Your Next Car” and leads them to your website’s search function.

Leading customers through your website can help drive their experience with intention. Seeing your featured cars or online ratings can encourage them to visit your lot. Then, these customers need your address, a map showing your location, and a phone number to schedule an appointment or ask questions. 

Intuitive navigation and an easy-to-use site keep shoppers on your site longer. Plus, having a responsive web design makes it easy for your shoppers to do research on their phone or computer.

Automotive Web Design Best Practices

Creating the ideal shopping environment online for your customer can be challenging. These best practices can help you compete in the local marketplace and make your customers feel more secure buying from you. 

If you are selling cars online, having top-notch security makes a huge difference. Having buyer verification available online and protections in place to keep customer data safe are a must. A well-designed website will help your customer feel safe purchasing a car online.

High-quality photography is an easy way to set your automotive website apart online. Presenting your cars beautifully online can help build trust and allow you to compete with larger dealerships in the area. Photos taken in a showroom add a professional touch and give customers confidence that you’re the right dealership for them. 

It’s important to make shopping online as easy as possible for your customer. With these tips, you can create an effective website today!

Great Web Design Just Got Easier

There are a ton of factors that go into designing a useful website, and automotive web design isn’t for the faint at heart. Keeping your website up to date can seem like a full-time job, and as a dealership owner, you may be too busy selling cars to take on designing a website. 

Let us help! We specialize in high conversion website design and marketing for car dealerships. Schedule a free consultation today to get started with a new website or marketing strategy.