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search engine optimization is an ongoing process

Allowing Local SEO to help you is an ongoing process.  Google and all other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so what works today, may not work as well three months from now ~ it's kind of like a "moving target" situation.  We wish this was a "one-shot" and done proposition, but that's just not the case when it comes to search engine optimization.  

We'll make sure your Search Engine Optimization is ideal for today's best practices, and we're constantly monitoring and adjusting to keep your site current and relevant, so that it can continue ranking highest against your competition.  

digital impact seo process

our proven seo strategy

begin with a local SEO audit of your website

We need to know where you stand today, in order to develop a plan to help you reach your goals.  We'll review your audit and identify strengths and weaknesses in both your onsite and offsite metrics.  Click here to get your Free Local SEO Audit

we get to know your business and your customers

We'll will learn from you about your business and consumers before we go any further.  Getting you customers is what we're all about ~ discerning their needs, pain points, buying habits, etc.  Together, we'll discuss your goals and priorities, and determine how best to get you there.  


From your audit, we'll know what the technical issues of your website are and resolve them.  Is your site responsive, and mobile ready?  How fast is it?  Are there broken links, and missing titles and meta-descriptions?  In some cases, a new website design will be required.  All the SEO in the world will not help a website that isn't current and functioning properly.  The technical aspect is one of the key components of ranking well in the search engines.  


We'll find out which keywords your customers are using to find services and products like yours.   Then we'll find the best long-tail keywords that your competitors may be missing; we use state-of-the-art tools that will help us determine the monthly search volumes, ranking difficulty, and PPC cost of the most valuable keywords.  Finally, we'll select the best keywords and phrases that will drive quality traffic to your website.


We'll make sure you have your Google My Business listing set up correctly, monitor backlinks to your site, manage your reviews, monitor your social channels, and make sure you have the proper citations in the most important directories.   


Here's where we separate ourselves from the competition... We'll provide you with the same tracking dashboard we use, so you can see in real-time, exactly how we're progressing.   We've got nothing to hide.  SEO is an investment in your business, and we know it's important for you to see measurable results, and your ROI.  We're here to help you understand all of this, so your question are always welcome. 

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