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benefits of seo

Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors of a great digital marketing campaign. It poses advantages to any business that has a presence online, and car dealerships are no exception. 

Using SEO to attract business to your dealership might just be one of the most important things you do online. We’re going to discuss some of the value that optimization offers to businesses like yours, digging deep into how it impacts your customer base. Hopefully, the information below can provide a little inspiration to get the wheels turning online. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the key benefits of SEO. 

The Benefits of SEO for Dealerships

Let’s take a brief dive into what search engine optimization actually is. You might have heard a little bit about it, but it’s important to know just how it operates to appreciate its value. 

SEO is the act of creating and managing your website in a way that attempts to match the preferences of search engine algorithms. Most of the time, the algorithm that you’re trying to please is Google’s. The algorithm uses roughly 200 factors to decide whether a website is relevant or not. 

Those factors are intended to point out a few key qualities of a website. The site should be relevant to the keyword phrase, provide value to the user, and come equipped with a site that provides a great user experience. Those are the things that businesses like yours should focus most on as they try to optimize. 

It’s important to dig into the fine details, too, but effectively making your site valuable and intuitive to users will meet a number of the factors that Google uses. When you hit the mark, there are a number of benefits to your business. 

Improved Search Rankings 

The first, and maybe most obvious benefit is that you’ll have better search rankings when you optimize. The internet is bogged down with fluff pages that don’t provide any real value to users. Some of those pages might be your competition, and a brief attempt at optimization will set you above those sites immediately. 

Your actual competition is going to be the car dealerships in your area that have a web presence, at least in local rankings. Odds are that some of your competition isn’t optimizing their content, so you’ll also get a leg up on them. 

You can try to optimize for broader, national searches if you want to, but most dealerships find that their customer base lives near to their location. That’s why local optimization is so important for dealerships. 

The advantage of optimizing for local searches, among other things, is that you have a chance to land in the “snack pack.” This the section of Google results that pops up at the top, displaying images, locations, business information, and reviews. These tend to be the options that many users click. 

In order to land in this spot, you have to have updated information, an active Google MyBusiness page, and a solid foundation of optimization. 

Increased Sales

Whatever your business’ metric of success, the exposure you’re getting from SEO is bound to improve it. Whether that’s sales, subscribers, or something else, the draw that you get from top-ranking pages can be game-changing. 

You might not notice too much of a change at first, though. It takes a little while to get the ball rolling. You might rank highly with one of your blog posts, but notice that that traffic isn’t coming back to your site. When there’s some bottleneck in your sales funnel, there are great opportunities to refine your site.

Let’s say that a recent piece of content ranks well and is drawing hundreds of users. Of those individuals, though, only a few have followed your call to action and traveled to your site. Of the users who come back to your site, a smaller percentage actually goes through to make a purchase. 

Both of those hitches in your funnel can be analyzed and improved. It isn’t as if it’s just a matter of luck when someone follows through. You might have to tune up your call to action and try different phrasings or approaches. 

You might also have to adjust your site to improve user experience and make things more intuitive for your visitors. Over time, you’ll notice that changes to your content and website will have direct correlations to the success of your site. Those kinks will get worked out, and you’ll see more and more traffic trickling in. 

That’s when the real rankings start coming. As your site gets more successful, the various pages on your site will start to rank better.  This is because something called domain authority starts to increase, and Google will see you as something of a leader in your niche. 

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Another great piece of SEO is that you can hire a team of professionals to handle it for you. If you find that your efforts aren’t working, or that you don’t have enough time to manage your marketing campaign, there’s no harm in working with a few experts. 

The information above is just the baseline potential of what could come from a great campaign. As you refine your strategy and start to generate buzz, the benefits of SEO could skyrocket and put your business in a position it’s never been before. Professional digital marketers can manage your website, content, advertising, and social media campaigns. 

Those areas are where success generates in 2020, and it’s important to capitalize on that fact as best you can. 

Need a Little Bit of Help?

All of the benefits of SEO are available to you as soon as you start working on your campaign. The only thing is, it can be tough to know where to start. There are a lot of odds and ends to work out that might call for some professional advice. 

We’re here to help. Explore our site for more optimization ideas and methods for turning your site into a high-ranking competitor.