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Why do you need a local SEO consultant?  Ranking at the top of the search engine results page doesn't happen by accident. It takes a considerable amount of effort, time, and knowledge to successfully attain and retain a top ranking in the local results above the competition. Every day there are millions of searches for services and products. And let's face it, not many of those people search beyond the first page of the results. Let us help you in making sure that you are found at the top of the search results and that customers find YOU and not your competitors.


If you're a Vet Clinic, Doctor's Office, Electrician, Engineer, or other Birmingham local business service provider, our goal is to drive traffic to your website and turn them into customers. 

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As your local SEO consultant, we will work to get your website in front of people searching for your service or product. There are many factors Google and other search engines use in determining who gets to the top. These factors are baked into an "algorithm" that's used in determining who's most important. While no one truly knows the all the factors, there are many well established best practices that must be employed to even have a chance at ranking well. On top of that, the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and as professionals we must stay on top of the latest trends and new "best practices". You can be on top one day, and then seemingly out of nowhere, you're on page four, or worse… SEO is an ongoing process.  There's a lot of work that goes into optimizing a website; take a look at and see just how extensive the process is.  

why choose digital impact seo?

We are locally owned in the Birmingham, Al area and prefer to work with local service oriented small businesses. This allows us to meet face to face and get to know you and your business before creating a specialized seo strategy that will get your website ranking as quickly as possible. Our passion is helping small businesses grow and you'll get the personalized attention you need to help your company thrive, and not just survive, in the ever increasing competitive digital environment and we've dedicated ourselves to staying up-to-date with the latest research and strategies. Our goal is for you to consider us a true partner in your growing company and turn your small investment in Search Engine Optimization into big growth and a significant ROI.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Hiring Digital Impact is one of the best decisions we've made.   Within just a few months our traffic has increased by over 30%, and we're starting to rank above our biggest competitors.  These guys are awesome!

Darren Leonard - Manager

Southtown Motors

These guys are doing a fantastic job! They started generating terrific leads for us almost immediately, and our dashboard is great - we can see our progress in real time. Outstanding!

Eric Musso - General Manager

Dewey Barber

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